• Sober Living Works

    Sober Living Works

    With access to an alcohol and drug-free living environment - successful recovery is possible.
    Individuals trying to abstain are more successful in a sober living environment.

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  • Activities for Fun

    Activities for Fun

    A common misconception between addicts is that "My life will be over when I quit!"
    The Haven opens possibilities by teaching individuals how to have fun sober.
  • Build Healthy Relationships

    Build Healthy Relationships

    A key component to long term sobriety is healthy relationships.
    The Haven facilitates building relationships based on boundaries and helping others who are in need.
  • Lake Powell

    Lake Powell

    Each year The Haven takes Alumni, Residents and others in the community to
    Lake Powell all of whom share a common goal to stay sober.

Get Your Life Back

The Haven offers both residential treatment and sober living programs to men and women struggling with addiction to drugs and alcohol. All of The Haven's houses are conveniently located near downtown Salt Lake City, within walking distance of UTA TRAX and the University of Utah. Individuals needing help to stay sober find extra support with The Haven's Transitional Housing program. While gaining the tools needed to live drug free, The Haven alumni show residents that life without drugs and alcohol can be fun and exciting. The Haven has been leading drug treatment centers in Utah since 1969, proving recovery from Substance Abuse Disorders is possible.

Family Roles in Substance Abuse Recovery

family support

Addiction is a family disease, we have heard it over and over, but making sense of it can be tricky. Substance abuse recovery isn’t something done alone, as they say, “It takes a village to raise a kid”, the idea rings true when trying to make recovery a reality in a family dynamic. Addict’s best recover with the support of family, friends, and the recovery village created around them when they finally reach treatment. When one member of the family unit is struggling with addiction, it is safe to say they didn’t get there all on their own.

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Annual Lava Hot Springs Trip

lava hotsprings

Join The Haven June 3rd - June 6th for the annual Lava Hot Springs camping trip. This is the start of summer fling, a not a trip to be missed. We will be driving to Idaho on June 3rd, spending two amazing days at the hot springs, the driving back to Utah June 6th.

To sign up, get trip costs, and further information please contact Josh at The Haven, (801) 533- 0070. Hope to see you all there!

RSVP on our website here.
See our Facebook event here.

Accepted Insurance Plans

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Give Now!

The Haven is a 501(c)3 non-profit orgnization which means your donation is TAX deductable. Corporate sponsorships are available for select events and levels at certain times of the year. Please give the gift of sobriety to an individual struggling to leave the life of addiction.


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PHONE: 801-533-0070
FAX: 801-596-2240
EMAIL: info@havenhelps.com
ADDRESS: 974 E. South Temple
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